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As seen in the 2023 Hackaday Prize, Jumperless is a breathtaking jumper-free breadboard enriched by glorious RGB LEDs.

The open-source Jumperless utilises a dozen CH446Q ICs on the reverse side, each of which contains 128 analogue switches in an 8 * 16 matrix arrangement. This means it can be configured to hold your breadboard circuit without any jumper wires! Of course, there is a slight trade-off — the switches add resistance but for low-power projects it shouldn’t cause too many issues. If this occasionally might cause you an issue, don’t worry, you can also use a good old-fashioned jumper wire!

The most noticeable features are the RGB LEDs which can provide masses of useful feedback about your project and connected components as well as look beautiful. There are a couple of buffered DACs, 4 12-bit ADCs and 5 digital GPIO pins which can be routed to anywhere on the board – of course without wires! Also on board are 2 INA219 ICs which can measure current and voltage which we think is a handy and elegant addition for use in your projects.

We’ve only scratched the very tip of the iceberg and there are way more features and way more use cases to look over so it’s definitely worth hopping over and looking at the product page.  It’s also perhaps worth checking out the projects hackaday.io page and finally, it’s worth mentioning there is a forum over at jumperless.org.

The Jumperless can be supplied fully assembled with case options and super funky glittery USB cables! We also spotted that there’s a potential for a discount if you want to buy a unit with all the SMD assembly in place and do the small amount of through-hole mount soldering yourself.

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