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Bridgestone India has launched a new Dueler All-Terrain (A/T) 002 tyre. This new range of tyres is meticulously designed to provide an improved grip and stability for driving on both on-road and off-road terrain. With its wet and dry grip, handling, and wear life, this recent addition to Bridgestone’s Dueler lineup is a perfect fit for sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and four-wheel-drive vehicles (4X4).

This tyre’s cutting-edge design guarantees that the contact pressure is distributed evenly. It also makes sure that the stiffness is even. All this makes sure that the customer gets increased mileage and a longer life for the tyres. The Dueler A/T 002 tyre claims to provide a driving experience that is smooth, regardless of whether it is used on city streets or tough and rugged terrains. The tyre establishes a new standard for all-terrain driving.

The Managing Director of Bridgestone India, Hiroshi Yoshizane, emphasised that the Dueler A/T 002 is a premium offering that is supported by cutting-edge technology. He also reaffirmed the company’s commitment to delivering goods of world-class quality to India’s large automotive market. Our commitment to offer consumers exceptional driving comfort and safety is paramount to us, Hiroshi Yoshizane told the audience.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Bridgestone India, Rajarshi Moitra, provided more explanation on the advantages of the Dueler A/T 002, explicitly drawing attention to its capacity to provide exceptional driving experiences both on-road and off-road. He underlined the extraordinary wear life, grip, and handling of the tyre in both dry and rainy situations, which makes it an excellent option for owners of luxury SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles. Additionally, Mr. Moitra noted that minimal noise and exceptional ride comfort are the main characteristics of this new range of tyres, which further enhance the overall driving experience for drivers.

The release of the Dueler A/T 002 by Bridgestone is a reflection of the company’s strategic efforts to meet the growing demand for premium tyres in India’s rapidly developing automotive market. Bridgestone has just announced the TURANZA 6i, a premium tyre designed for the passenger car market, in addition to the Dueler A/T 002 that they had previously released. Bridgestone’s dedication to innovation and leadership in the tyre industry is well evident in these products, which are designed to meet the varied requirements of Indian consumers.

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