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Best RV Patio Mats For Camping Trips And Travel In 2024 Leave a comment

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RV owners often are in need of suitable RV patio mats. These mats provide an easy way to create a comfortable resting place outside the motorhomes. They are cheap and convenient, and a good quality RV patio mat will be there for you a good time.

However, choosing the best-quality RV patio mats can be quite challenging. Even the expert RV owners can sometimes be confused about selecting the best RV patio mats.

To narrow down your choices, we have listed the 10 best RV patio mats with their best features, benefits and drawbacks.

Some key things you need to consider when looking for an RV patio mat are listed below:

  • Type: There are several kinds of RV patio mats. Different RV patio mats are catered to fulfilling different weather and climate conditions. You can either buy the breathable ones or choose the eco-friendly ones made from recyclable plastics.
  • Weight: You might need to carry the RV patio mat while camping. It’s always better to find something that’s lightweight, easy to move and easy to be taken care of.
  • Dimensions: There are two things to consider when it comes to dimensions. Firstly, it should be according to the size of the patio in the RV. Secondly, it should be easily stored in motorhomes.

Here are the three basic factors you need to consider while purchasing a RV patio mat. We have also included a detailed “Buying Guide” on the best RV patio mats for first time buyers.

Best RV Patio Mat List

Best RV Patio Mat Reviews 

1. Stylish Camping RV Patio Mat

Stylish Camping

These Stylish Camping mats are made with recycled plastic and 100% virgin polypropylene, making them eco-friendly. The mat is reversible, and versatile for various indoor and outdoor activities.

The woven mat  is breathable, durable and safe for wooden decks and grass. These mats are available in several colours and patterns. They have a longer shelf life as they are coated with UV protection.

It ensures that the colours are intact even when out in the sun. The loops at every corner of the mat allow it to secure it from the wind with stakes. Weighing just 4 pounds and including an additional carry bag make portability easier.

You can store the mat when not in use or travelling. The cleaning and maintaining of the mat are easy as they can be cleaned by sweeping or with a hose pipe. The woven structure helps to dry the mat easily too.

Best Features:

  • Size: 6’ X 9’
  • Weight: 4.06 lbs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Brown
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • UV protected


  • Soft, durable and eco-friendly.
  • UV-resistant, long-lasting colours.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • The edging does not blend with rug material.

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2. BalajeesUSA RV Patio Mat 

BalajeesUSA RV Patio MatBalajeesUSA RV Patio MatBalajeesUSA 9×18 ft outdoor rug is made from strong recycled plastic straw that can handle a lot. This rug is not only durable but also waterproof, making it perfect for different places like patios, camping spots, picnics, and beach outings. This rug is made by a machine and works indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for outdoor spaces, beach parties, and RV camping. The back of the rug is made of polypropylene.

This rug is made to handle different weather, and it is treated to protect against the sun. The rug is easy to clean, making it an ideal companion for both travel and outdoor use. This rug works well on your patio, makes a comfort spot for camping, and adds a stylish touch for beach outings.

Best Features:

  • Machine-made for consistent quality
  • Versatile grey color for various settings
  • Indoor and outdoor use flexibility
  • Polypropylene back for durability


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for outdoor flooring, beach parties, and RV camping


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3. SAND MINE RV Patio Mat  

SAND MINE RV Patio MatSAND MINE RV Patio MatSAND MINE Stylish & Durable Plastic Rug is a perfect companion for any adventure. This versatile rug, measuring a spacious 9 feet by 18 feet, creates a stylish space for relaxing or having fun. This rug is made of strong plastic that is soft and can handle the sun. It is best for patios, decks, picnics, camping, and more

The reversible design adds a touch of versatility, offering two stylish looks in one. The rug’s strong and airy design keeps it from hurting grass or scratching surfaces. And, it won’t lose its vibrant look because it is protected from the sun, resisting fading over time. This rug is easy to handle. You can fold it up neatly, store it easily, and it even has a convenient carrying bag.

Best Features:

  • 9′ x 18′ for ample space.
  • Two stylish looks in one.
  • Doesn’t harm grass or scratch surfaces.
  • Simply sweep or hose off.
  • Compact storage and travel.
  • Resists fading for lasting beauty.
  • Secure ground placement.


  • Versatile for outdoor use.
  • Stylish and durable plastic material.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Convenient storage and travel.


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4. Fab Habitat RV Patio Mat  

Fab Habitat RV Patio MatFab Habitat RV Patio MatFab Habitat Outdoor Rug brings lively boho style living to your outdoor space. It is made from recycled plastic tubes, it is strong, waterproof, and resistant to fading. It is perfect for patios, decks, sunrooms, camping, and RV trips. It is a durable and versatile addition to your outdoor spaces. The machine-made weave exhibits a low pile, combining functionality with aesthetics.

It is certified by GoodWeave, ensuring it is free from child labor and good for the environment. It not only changes your space but also helps you live a greener, more mindful lifestyle. This rug has stripes, a rectangular shape, and a cool feature, it is reversible. It is perfect for a playroom. It comes with 1 year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Crafted from 100% premium recycled plastic tubes.
  • Ideal for outdoor use, with waterproof and fade-resistant properties.
  • Suitable for patios, decks, camping, and RVs.
  • Two beautiful patterns in one rug.
  • Ensures it’s free from child labor.


  • Stylish boho design.
  • Easy to clean with a hose.
  • UV-resistant, colors won’t fade.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty.


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5. MontVoo RV Patio Mat  

MontVoo RV Patio MatMontVoo RV Patio MatMontVoo Outdoor Rug Carpet is a versatile 5×8 ft rug made from recycled plastic straw. This rug is perfect for patios, decks, balconies, picnics, camping, and more. It looks good and is useful too. This rug has two different looks, so you can easily change how your space looks. It is simple to keep clean outdoors because it doesn’t stain, and it dries quickly.

The UV-coated and thermoplastic-edged construction guarantees durability and fade resistance against the elements. It is made to be easy to carry around because you can fold it up. So, it is a perfect rug to bring with you on your adventures. This rug is made with a special machine that weaves it carefully. It mixes geometric and boho styles in a nice way. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It adds a bit of style and toughness to any place.

Best Features:

  • Reversible design for versatile looks.
  • Made from recycled plastic straw, eco-friendly.
  • Stain-resistant and quick-drying for easy maintenance.
  • UV-coated and thermoplastic edge for durability.
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot with tubular plastic straws.


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Durable and fade-resistant.
  • Comfortable to walk on.
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • Interesting design, but poor-quality material.

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6. Pendolr RV Patio Mat  

Pendolr RV Patio MatPendolr RV Patio MatPendolr versatile rug that checks all the boxes of style, functionality, and convenience. This rug is made from soft woven plastic straw, combining durability with comfort. It creates a welcoming surface that is perfect for walking barefoot. It is perfect for picnics, camping, or RV trips.

This rug is tough enough to handle the weather. It is weatherproof, so it can resist stains, water, and sunlight fading. It will stay vibrant and last a long time in your space. It is lightweight, folds easily, and comes with a handy bag. This rug can be used in many places, like patios, balconies, beaches, and decks. It makes outdoor spaces better. It comes with 1 year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Stylish with two colors in one (black & cream white).
  • Made of soft woven plastic straw, perfect for bare feet.
  • Resists stains, water, and sunlight fading.
  • Easily folds, comes with a carrying bag.
  • Ideal for patios, balconies, beaches, decks, etc.


  • Durable and comfortable material.
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor use.
  • Easy to transport with carrying bag.
  • Suitable for various settings and occasions.


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7. EEZ RV Patio 9x18VG Mat

EEZ RV Products 9x18VG MatsEEZ RV Products 9x18VG Mats

These are heavy-duty RV patio mats made of 100% Virgin Polypropylene. It is a reversible product and is woven from all sides for increased breathability and durability.

The reversibility of the mat allows you to enjoy two designs at the price of one. This mat is also treated with the premium UV-protectant to prevent the colour from fading and restrict sun damage. The texture at the bottom provides traction and prevents it from slipping, and feels nice to walk on.

The edges are stitched with bands of several colours and reinforced with a heat gun. The nylon loops allow you to install the ground stakes, which keep the mat in one position and make it resistant to the wind.

The foldable nature allows you to put it in the bag and carry it everywhere. It also makes it easy to store. You can spray the mat with water or clean it by sweeping. The breathable texture protects the grass and wooden decks.

Best Features:

  • Size: 9’ X 18’
  • Weight: 16.02 lbs
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Colour: Vine Grey
  • UV protected


  • Reversibility allows the use of two designs of the mat.
  • Breathable nature.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • The creases are very evident.

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8. Glamplife RV Patio Rug

These RV patio mats are made of polypropylene with the highest GSM available. It is thicker than most other mats available in the market. With dual-stitch binding on all sides, the mat is resistant to ripping and snagging, ensuring years of usage.

What’s best is that they are suitable for all kinds of weather. The. The loop feature at the corners of the mat makes it resistant to the wind and prevents you from tripping over it.

Like most of the mats, its also UV protected. The waterproof nature of the mats allows you to rinse them with water and dry it easily. The lightweight design and extra carry bag make it portable.

Best Features:

  • Size: 5’ X 8’
  • Weight: 3.28 lbs
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colour: Black and white
  • UV protected


  • Dual-sewn binding on all sides.
  • Loops prevent it against the wind.
  • Resistant to sun damage.
  • Easy to clean, portable.


  • Many people demanded a bigger size.

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9. HIHEGD RV Patio Mat  

HIHEGD RV Patio MatHIHEGD RV Patio MatHIHEGD Outdoor Rug is a practical 9×12 ft rug in Black & White. It is a perfect blend of fashion and function for your outdoor spaces. It is perfect for patios, decks, camping, picnics, and more. This rug has two sides, so you can switch up the look easily. This rug has short fibers (Low Pile) and it is handmade material.

It is made of strong stuff called polypropylene, and it won’t get ruined by the sun, won’t lose its color, and won’t soak up water. It can handle any weather like a champ. It can be flipped, it won’t get ruined by water or fade, and it is resistant to stains. It comes with 1 year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Reversible design for versatile looks
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and waterproof
  • Easy to clean with shake or hose
  • Portable and foldable with a carrying case


  • Ideal for various outdoor settings
  • Multifunctional use for patios, decks, camping, picnics, and more


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Things To Consider Before Buying an RV Patio Mat

Selecting the best RV Patio Mat can be difficult as there are so many options in the market. The options are varied in shape, size, material, design and so on.

These make it stressful for the buyer to choose the ideal patio mat. When looking to invest in RV Patio Mat, there are some notable features to consider. They are discussed below.

1. Type

There are several options for RV patio mats. We have tried to list the best types of RV patio mats.

  • Breathable Mats: The primary kind of RV patio mats are breathable or grass-friendly mats. These mats make sure that the grass beneath the mat will not be damaged. This quality is possible by enabling light, water and air to pass through the mat. These kinds of mats are ideal for people who plan to camp in the same location.
  • Eco-Friendly Mats: These mats are made of plastic bottles or similar recyclable plastics. They prevent these plastics from damaging the earth.

There are more kinds of RV patio mats for every buyer. You just need to list why you need the mat and choose that mat which matches your criteria.

2. Weight

This is a very important consideration as you need to be able to carry the mat in your RV. Therefore, to enable easy portability, you need a lightweight mat. A bulky and heavy patio mat will be a huge problem to store in the RV and move around with it.  So, you should settle for lightweight mats which are convenient to store and carry.

3. Size

There are two common sizes of patio mats for RVs- 9′ X 12′ and 9′ X 18′. However, it is not necessary that you just have these size options at your disposal. You should choose the mat according to the size of your patio. Small RV owners usually go for smaller and lightweight mats for camping while the larger RV users, go for the 9′ X 20′ mats to fit their patio.

4. Suitable Camping Places

It is better to choose your preferred camping places before buying the patio mat. The weather and climate conditions of the place will help you choose the perfect patio mat for you. For instance, under windy circumstances, you should choose a mat with ground stakes. These stakes will save the mat from flying away. For rainy conditions, you can go for water-proof mats. This condition will ensure durability. So, the camping conditions help to choose the perfect patio mats for you.

5. UV Resistant

Camping sites mean that your mat will be out in the sun for long hours. Therefore, it is better to choose a mat which is UV-protected or which does not fade due to sun damage. The high-end patio mats are made of polypropylene plastic material and then coated with a layer of UV protectant. This layer protects the design and colour of the mats.

6. Mildew and Mould Resistant and Easy to Maintain

The camping sites are hoarded with mould and mildew. One of the key aspects of polypropylene as a material is mildew and mould resistance. Also, these mats can be cleaned by a hose and then dried with air. The easy maintenance of the outdoor plastic mats makes them more suitable than fabric mats and ‘fake turf’ mats.

7. Design

The RV patio mats are available in several designs and patterns. The high-end mats also feature end-edging which is sewn with a durable thread and should be professional looking and straight. Additionally, the grommet holes are perfect for windy weather conditions which ensure the safety of the mat and the comfort of the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are RV patio mats?

Ans: The RV patio mats are mats or carpets that RV owners use outside their RVs during the stay. While camping, this is a place like your living room to relax. Apart from the comfort, these RV mats are ideal to protect the motorhomes from dirt and debris. Due to these reasons, the RV mats are an amazing investment.

2. What is the working of an RV patio mat?

Ans: The working process of any RV patio mat is quite simple. You just need to place the mat outside your RV or motorhome. To decorate the place further, you can place chairs or additional furniture on the RV patio mat.

3. Why are fabric-made mats not ideal as RV patio mats?

Ans: Jute, bamboo and other natural fibres should be avoided for RV mats as they are not durable as plastic mats. They soak water easily and get wet. Also, huge amounts of mildew are collected in the case of fabric mats. Therefore, it is better to use mats which are made of recycled plastic.

4. What is the most suitable material for any RV patio mat?

Ans: There are several materials used to make the RV patio mat. The most common ones are:
* Olefin
* Polypropylene
* Nylon
* Polyester
* Sisal

5. What to do when using any RV patio mat in windy weather?

Ans: Some RV patio mats are made to sustain the windy climate better than others. The patio mats made for windy climates come with ground stakes to hold them in place. Another easy method to keep them in place is by keeping water jugs on each corner of the mat to prevent them from blowing away.

Final Words

With this guide at your service, choosing the best RV patio mat will be quite simple for you. If you follow the tips and tricks mentioned in the article to choose the best RV patio mat, then it will be like a walk in the park.

  • If you still have questions, you can ask us in the comments section below. Your ideal RV patio mat might be different from your friend’s. If you are looking for our suggestion, then our first choice is the Stylish Camping Reversible Mat. It is constructed of soft and durable recycled plastic. The colours are protected against the harmful U rays of the sun. It is also easy to clean, maintain and store.
  • Our second choice from our list is BalajeesUSA RV Patio Mat. It features binding on all sides for increased durability.  The anchoring hooks make the product suitable for windy conditions and the additional accessories make it an ideal product.

  • The third option on our list is the EEZ RV Patio 9x18VG Mat. It is available in various designs and colours. It is UV-protected and is easy to clean and maintain.

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