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If you are someone who prioritizes safety against potential home hazards caused by loose connections and cable cuts, especially concerning the well-being of your children and seniors, then exposed cables pose a significant risk. Beyond the safety concerns, these open cables can also adversely affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. The optimal solution to address this issue is the use of cable raceways. These raceways provide a designated path for the often tangled and disorderly cables, enabling you to maintain an organized and well-managed setup.

Constructed from insulating materials like Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), cable raceways made from such materials are corrosion-resistant, lightweight (especially when compared to metal raceways), and can be easily affixed to walls using adhesive. This makes PVC-based cable raceways the ideal choice for securing and organizing cables.

Recognizing the importance of Cable Raceways, we’ve identified a few factors to help you choose the perfect cable protection raceways. Simply look for the following features in your Cableways:

  • Capacity: The capacity of Cable Raceways refers to the factor determining the number of cables or wires that can effectively be accommodated. Effective organization means avoiding overcrowding, leading to signal interference and overheating due to insufficient air circulation. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the Cable Raceway capacity meets your future cable demands and can handle and organize them without overcrowding when selecting the best Cable Raceways.
  • Length: Consider the length manufacturers provide when selecting cable raceways. These raceways typically come in sections. Calculate the distance your cable will cover in the area where you plan to install the raceways. Add extra inches for joints and turning points on your walls or floors when determining the length. Choosing a cable that almost entirely covers the routing distance is advisable, avoiding the need to join multiple sections. This helps maintain efficiency and a neat appearance upon closer inspection.
  • Material Type: The material used for cable raceways plays a crucial role in determining the security and level of protection they offer. Different materials have distinct capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages. Commonly used raceway materials include PVC, plastic, metal, and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). The choice of material depends largely on the surrounding environment, as well as considerations of visual appearance and the protection required.

To simplify your decision-making process, we have sorted key factors to consider when selecting the best cable raceway, including capacity, length, and material type. Choosing the right cable raceway tailored to your specific needs ensures that you won’t be disappointed with your decision. This guide features the top 7 cable raceways available on platforms such as Amazon and other e-commerce websites. By reviewing them individually and making comparisons, you can confidently select the perfect solution that suits your requirements. If you are finding it difficult to choose an option, consider going through our “Buying Guide” for the best cable raceways to check the most important parameters of this accessory.

Best Cable Raceways List

Best Cable Raceways Reviews

1. YECAYE Cable Raceway

YECAYE Cable RacewayAllow us to present our standout product from the lineup: the raceways by YECAYE. This widely recognized brand specializes in management and organization products, particularly those related to cable boxes for consolidating cables, wall-mounted code hiders, and other accessories for corporate cable organizations.

YECAYE’s cable raceways offer an ideal solution for those who detest clutter on their desks and seek a neat and well-organized cable arrangement. According to YECAYE, their raceways can effectively handle up to 10 power cables or, if dealing exclusively with network cables, support a maximum of 16 Ethernet cables, which is quite impressive. It’s worth noting that YECAYE raceways aren’t restricted to network and power cables; you can also organize HDMI, telephone, or any other cables based on your preference.

Examining the design of YECAYE cable raceways, they differ from other brands that come as a single piece or with provisions for turning and joining. YECAYE provides sections of 15.7 inches each, and a single package includes six sections. When these sections are combined, you get a total of 94 inches of raceways, covering at least the same length as the cable or even more. The material used for these raceways is hard plastic, chosen for its dust-resistant and dirt-resistant qualities and its corrosion resistance and conductivity.

To install these raceways, YECAYE offers a hassle-free tape installation using PE tape. This adhesive provides a robust hold that can bear more weight than regular adhesives. Consequently, installing your raceways doesn’t necessitate drilling or screwing; you can even manage the installation without technical support.

Best Features

  • The raceway can store up to 10 power cords
  • It is about 94 inches in length
  • The raceway is made up of hard plastic
  • 2 color options are available


  • YECAYE presents 6 sections, each measuring 15.7 inches, offering increased flexibility.
  • It employs the J channel framework, allowing smooth insertion and removal of cables.
  • The Raceways ensure easy installation with strong adhesive.
  • Available in two colors, it is coated with anti-corrosion material to resist wear.


  • These raceways only need to be installed for straight pathways, and need to be open on wall turning. While other competitors provide T-shape and L-shape connectors for turning cable raceways on walls.

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2. ZhiYo Cable Raceway

ZhiYo Cable RacewayZhiYo Cable RacewayZhiYo is a company exclusively dedicated to the development of cable management accessories. Presently, their expertise lies in cable raceways, sleeves for cables, and floor cable covers, making them the foremost and leading seller in this segment.

ZhiYo introduces a unique cable management product designed specifically for wall-mounted TVs or concealing cables within your television framework. If you have four or five cables associated with your TV setup that you wish to hide in the raceways, worry not. ZhiYo’s raceway seamlessly accommodates up to six cables without causing overcrowding. The package includes two sections, each measuring 15.8 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width, offering the ideal solution for covering TV cables neatly, and cleanly, and securing them against potential damage.

Installation of these raceways is remarkably straightforward; even individuals lacking technical experience can easily manage it. The use of a robust adhesive facilitates this simplicity. For optimal bonding, it is advisable to wait for 24 hours before placing your cables inside the raceways.

The key feature of these raceways lies in the material used — Polyvinyl Chloride, a widely recognized material known for its fire resistance, extended lifespan compared to competing materials, and odorless nature. In terms of compatibility, HDMI, Ethernet, power cables for TVs, and network cables can all easily fit into these raceways.

Best Features

  • The raceway can store up to 7 power cords
  • It is about 31.5 inches in length
  • The raceway is made up of PVC
  • Easy to install with self-adhesive surface


  • Perfectly designed to cover all your Television setup cables in a 31.5-inch long raceway.
  • ZhiYo uses the eco-friendly, latest, and lightest material with multiple features that is PVC material for the Raceways.
  • For the strong installation, it uses a sided Adhesive and offers effortless installing in a few minutes.
  • The surface of the raceways is smooth and paintable, enabling users to paint any colors of their choice.


  • The size provided by the brand is only 39 inches. This might be insufficient to adequately cover your TV or other cable paths. 

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3. EVEO Cable Raceway

EVEO_Cable_RacewayEVEO_Cable_RacewayEVEO emerges as the ultimate solution for those prioritizing the concealment and organization of television cords. Various products by EVEO are accessible on diverse E-commerce platforms, specializing in cable management and more. Notably, users have bestowed a 4.5 rating on their raceways, solidifying its status as a worthwhile option.

The Key features offered by the EVEO in the TV Cable hider cum table cable concealer. The length of the raceway. This is crystal clear that there is no race with EVEO cable raceways in terms of length as they offer 306-inch pathways for the cable TV, not only does it cover TV cables but you also remain with some extra inches of raceways that you can use anywhere you need. While compared with the other raceways from the listing that offered up to 5 to 6 cable capacity or more, EVEO bit lags here; it only supports 3 cables in an organized way which is well suitable for a longer run and limited number of cable capacity applications.

Although we know that safety is the foremost factor whenever dealing with the power and other supply cables and always need a safe distance from small kids and pets to avoid any risk of shocking danger. All-in-one solution with high-quality material raceways made of Polyvinyl Chloride stands for PVC with a secure locking arrangement. Apart from this to make aesthetics more attractive you can color the raceway cover to match the color of the background wall.

Unlike the other raceways, This raceway offers two different methods for installation. The first method that is common in all is self-adhesive using tape on strong sticky tape on the back of the raceways and the next method is you can even use Screw fitting for installation for more secure installation.

Best Features

  • The raceway can store up to 3 power cords
  • It is about 30.6 inches in length
  • The raceway is made up of PVC
  • 4 color variants are available


  • With 306 inches of length for raceways, there is no match for EVEO in this race.
  • The Polyvinyl Chloride material made in raceways offer aesthetic looks as well as safety against various dangers.
  • EVEO has supported two types of installation: you can stick them with adhesive tape and screw In fitting is also possible.


  • This raceway only has capacity to hide a maximum of 3 cables which is quite less compared to others.

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4. D-Line Cable Raceway

D-Line_Cable_RacewayD-Line_Cable_RacewayThe next entry in our compilation of top raceways adhering to the Danish design pattern is the D-Line raceways. This brand stands out as a leader in handcrafted hardware and various organizational products, enhancing daily life by efficiently managing routine tasks.

Examining the design of D-Line raceways reveals their unique and stylish half-round geometric shapes, distinguishing them from others with a common design. Beyond aesthetics, the brand has focused on a notable locking system with lid locks, easily clickable for swift opening, facilitating the addition of new cables. The standard length provided by the brand for their raceways is 39 inches, an average length in this category.

The distinctive half-round design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also offers functional benefits. D-Line asserts that its raceways can seamlessly accommodate up to 4 cables, surpassing others limited to 3 in the same range.

Installing these raceways can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with cable turns on walls and joints. To address this, D-Line provides a kit of accessories containing bends, tees, and couplings for connecting two raceways, along with end caps for both ends. The raceway itself is constructed entirely from PVC material, offering multiple advantages.

Best Features

  • The raceway can store up to 4 power cords
  • It is about 39 inches in length
  • The raceway is made up of PVC
  • Easy to install around internal or external bends with included accessories


  • The uniquely designed half-round shape of the raceways provides more spacing and efficiently manages the cables.
  • The press-on Click Lid lock provides protective and secure installation.
  • Accessories that involve Bend, Coupler, and Tees come in the package for bending and turning walls.
  • The self-adhesive is strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy cables and installation needs only a few minutes.
  • The surface of the raceways is paintable; you can customize it accordingly.


  • The size provided by the brand is only 39 inches. This might be insufficient to adequately cover your TV or other cable paths.

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5. A+ ELECTRIC Cable Raceway

A+ ELECTRIC Cable RacewayA+ ELECTRIC Cable RacewayIntroducing our latest product, a highly efficient cable management solution that adeptly organizes and conceals your cable mess, be it at home or in the office. Its versatility allows you to use it wherever you need. Notably, this brand boasts international certifications such as RoHS and CE, setting it apart from other products that lack such mentions in their descriptions.

For users dealing with lengthy cables, seeking a pathway to mitigate the risk of shock and other hazards, choosing longer length raceways is a wise decision. Enter the A plus brand’s Cable Management Kit, an ideal solution at an astonishing length of 315 inches. Remarkably affordable, these raceways outshine other top products in this category. The package includes 20 raceway sections, accompanied by 3 T-Connectors for directing cables in two or three pathways. Additionally, there are 3 L-connectors for inside turns and 3 external connectors for outside turns on the wall. In total, the management kit comprises 32 raceways and accessories, all conveniently packaged.

The brand’s primary focus lies in providing longer raceways, resulting in a maximum coverage of 2 cable arrangements. While this may seem limited, it suits users with a specific need for extended pathways. Cable compatibility knows no bounds; you can incorporate power cables, Ethernet, HDMI, A/V cables, or landline cables based on your preference. Installation is expedited with adhesive tape on the back of all raceways.

For users seeking a more secure installation, the Screw-In Fitting type is available. The material used throughout is plastic, as specified, ensuring durability comparable to metal raceways. This addresses concerns about tight and secure installations while maintaining the product’s efficiency.

Best Features

  • The raceway can store up to 2 power cords
  • It is about 16 inches in length
  • The raceway is made up of plastic
  • Complete set includes 32 Pcs for fittings


  • A + Electric and plastic Cable raceways are the longest-length raceways with 315 inches in the listing of top raceways.
  • The packaging involves the T-connector for two-way or three-turning of raceways, the L-connector for the inside turn point, inside and outside connector for easy and effortless installation.
  • This is one of the cheapest and budget-friendly raceways available in this top listing for 2 or 3 cable capacity.
  • The surface of the raceways is fully paintable; users can match it with a background wall for better aesthetic looks.


  • This raceway only has capacity to hide a maximum of 2 cables which is quite less compared to others.

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6. Delamu Cable Raceway

Delamu Cable RacewayDelamu Cable RacewayDelamu has gained popularity not just for its affordable and high-quality products but notably for its innovative designs. The brand recently introduced and patented an all-in-one-piece hinge-based design for their Cable Hider, deviating from the conventional two-piece cover and base raceways. This unique one-piece design has proven to be more convenient and practical.

Delving into the features of the Delamu cord hider, it boasts high-quality and precisely crafted cable pathways to manage messy and tangled cables effectively. Users on the Amazon platform have given this product a commendable 4.6 rating. This acclaim is largely attributed to the product’s ability to conceal a substantial number of cables, ranging from 6 to 8, without causing overcrowding. Additionally, the design ensures ample space for air circulation, preventing overheating of power cables. In terms of length, the package includes four sections of cable raceways, each measuring 15.7 inches. When combined, these sections cover an impressive total length of 62.8 inches, demonstrating the product’s capability to handle a significant cable load.

The surface of these raceways is intentionally designed to be paintable in any desired color, and they are easily cuttable for installation convenience. A standout feature is the built-in drilled holes for screw-in installation. The package conveniently includes screws and anchors of the same size, saving users the time and effort of acquiring and installing these separately.

Prioritizing durability and safety against conductive cables, the Cable Raceway is constructed from Polyvinyl Chloride, a material with poor electrical conductivity. This design choice reduces the risk of electric shock in cases of cable cuts or loose connections. It is essential to note that these raceways exclusively support screw-based installation, with no provision for adhesive attachment.

Best Features

  • The raceway can store up to 8 power cords
  • It is about 62.8 inches in length
  • The raceway is made up of PVC
  • Very easy to add or remove cables


  • Delamu has effectively managed to hide 6 to 8 Cables as it is 2.36 inches wider and 0.75 high in height.
  • Along with this impressive capacity, These raceways offer 15.7 inches of 4 sections making it 62.8 inches in length.
  • The raceways come with a pre-drilled design, so you do not need to put in extra effort to do so.
  • The entire body and raceways are built up from Polyvinyl Chloride material.


  • The package does not come with extra accessories. While other competitors provide T-shape and L-shape connectors for turning cable raceways on walls.

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7. YCLYC Cable Raceway

YCLYC Cable RacewayYCLYC Cable RacewayOur last performer in this race of best Cable raceway is YCLYC available in multiple colors for users who love their raceways in numerous colors. YCLYC has various other high-quality products available in their store such as cable sleeves, display stands, and other organizing products that make your living easier. So we can hope for these brands too.

Similarly, like the above raceway by the Delamu, this YCLYC has the same length as their cable raceways. Their raceway is divided into four different pieces each with a length of 15.7 inches. While calculating the whole raceways it covers the 62.8 inches of long run for the pathways. However all factors are not the same, YCLYC has lesser capacity compared to Delamu, as it can only support a maximum of 3 to 4 cords inside the raceways. This is good for the user who doesn’t want to invest a higher price compared to Delamu and their requirement is also up to three and four cables in the raceways. The width of the pathway is 1.2 inches wider and 0.9 inches of height can effectively organize your cords of TV or other cables.

The seamless and quick installation brand comes with the self-adhesive sticky tape on the back of each raceway. This way any non-techy can install this raceway in a couple of minutes.

Another feature that the brand offers with their raceways is their product is Fire retardant which means it can sustain high flame in case of any fire hazard. As well as it can easily be cut using a basic hacksaw.

The material used by YCLYC to design their cable raceways is nothing but the Polyvinyl Chloride widely used for the cable raceways in the market. The design is made like this: you can apply paint of your choice on the raceways to make it more attractive and matching with the surrounding environment.

Best Features

  • The raceway can store up to 4 power cords
  • It is about 62.8 inches in length
  • The raceway is made up of PVC
  • External surface can be painted over to match the theme of your setup


  • One of the best budget-friendly raceways compared to other competitors from the listing.
  • The 1.3-inch width of these raceways can seamlessly organize 3 to 4 cables without overcrowding.
  • It comes in multiple color options such as white, beige, black, and Grey.
  • The application of strong self-adhesive can hold heavier cables and offers easy installation that saves you valuable time.


  • The installation method only supports the Self-adhesive type of fitting, it should offer screw-in fitting as well.

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Buying Guide For The Best Cable Raceways

Certainly, using cable raceways is the most effective method to prevent environmental or accidental damages. However, determining the ideal cable raceway for your needs requires careful consideration. Before making a purchase, make sure to assess the following factors in your cable raceways:

1. Capacity

Capacity: You must choose the correct cable size for your raceway. If the raceway is too small, it can lead to reduced performance, damage, or overheating of the cable. On the other hand, if it is too large, it not only wastes money but also takes up unnecessary space. Hence, it’s crucial to assess the capacity of your cable and determine the cross-sectional area of your raceway accordingly. Various methods can be employed to calculate the optimal capacity for your cable, such as using a field chart or a fill calculator.

2. Length

If you aim to cover your floor and surface perfectly for your project, determining the right length is crucial. To achieve this, measure the appropriate length of the raceway using tools like tape or other measuring instruments. Alternatively, a layout plan or diagram can help estimate the correct length for the raceway. If the raceway has gaps or is too short, the cable might be excessively exposed. On the contrary, if the raceway is too long, cable installation becomes challenging.

3. Material Type

In consideration of your applications and environmental conditions, it’s important to note that each material possesses distinct properties. Selecting a suitable material for your raceway depends on these factors. Common options include PVC, metal, and fiberglass.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, serves as a fundamental component for creating lightweight, cost-effective, and easily installable plastic materials. This material exhibits properties such as flexibility, poor conductivity of electricity, and resistance to water. Consequently, it becomes a viable choice for constructing raceways, offering durability, flexibility, and resistance. Therefore, PVC is recommended for indoor and residential applications.

4. Installation Type

Basically, the process of mounting and fitting the Cable raceways depending on your desired place with proper guidelines by the manufacturer can be said to be an Installation process.

Ensuring that your specific requirements align with the type of installation otherwise, you will only face the trouble while providing the pathways to your cable.

For instance, There are various categories of Fitting arrangements like surface raceways which are designed to be installed on the surface of your table or any other place or directly installed on the walls, and another type under the floor and overhead type raceways, so the point is your desired requirement is to cover the cables coming from the System or computer and you missingly bought the overhead or under-floor type the surely you had made wrong investment.

So keeping the importance of Installation type and deciding the perfect fitting option which is also good in appearance and provides some arrangement for cleaning is the best way to go.

5. Compatibility

The Compatibility Explain more about the comfortability or suitability of the cables according to the type of raceways. As we may know, Different types of cable such as power cable, Network cable, and AV all have different requirements. So aligning the raceways based on the property of the cable will never disappoint you and never drag the performance of your cables in the raceways. We have listed three major factors for which you need to check the compatibility of your cable for the cable raceways.

  • Type of Cable: As we discussed above cable can be of any type it can be a power cable network cable or AV cable. All pose different physical and protection requirements, For example, Network cables are not flexible enough and need to avoid bending. Similarly, Power cables require extra space and ventilation as they dissipate excessive heat than other cables. So deciding the raceways based on the properties and specifications is the optimal way of choosing raceways.
  • Cable Size: Every manufacturer offers different sizing, Length, and depth for their raceways but the foremost important thing is matching your cable raceways with cable length. The standard way of laying the cable under the Raceways suggests there should be 25% space free for ventilation and avoiding the number of sections is always advisable.
  • Environment: The next most vital factor while selecting the cable raceways for your cables is monitoring the Surrounding Environment including outside temperature, dust and dirt, and other hazards that may affect the performance of raceways. For instance, using PVC raceways can avoid corrosion so you can use them where there is always the risk of corrosion and raceways are in contact with water, In the same way, Metal raceways are strong and rigid enough can withstand any physical damage that can damage your cables making your raceways more protective and perfect choice for commercial uses. So it is always advisable to go for the raceways that match your surrounding environment where you are gonna install your raceways.

Cable Raceways – FAQs

1. Do cable raceways work for outdoor installations?

Ans: Yeah, cable raceways are categorized based on their application and designed to suit their specific use. Therefore, it is advisable to select the ideal raceways designed to meet all aspects of outdoor installation, such as withstanding weather changes and being anti-corrosive, among other factors.

2. Are there fire-rated cable raceways for safety purposes?

Ans: Yes, the answer is affirmative. Manufacturers such as A+ and others have obtained international certifications. Their design and materials adhere to the standard fire rating for cable pathways. Ensuring the safety rating before making a purchase is the best way to select the most secure cable raceways.

3. What’s the best way to remove a cable raceway without damaging the wall or surface?

Ans: For the most effective method of eliminating cable raceways that are causing you trouble, use heat or a lighter to melt or soften the adhesive’s hardness. As the temperature increases, the adhesive loses its sticky properties and becomes easily removable. If this method does not work for you, consider a more effective approach by applying artificial remover or adhesive remover, which is readily available in the market.

4. Can cable raceways be painted to stand out as a design element?

Ans: Obviously, The surface of the Cable raceways is designed in such a way you can even handcraft it or paint it with any colors of your preference. However, ensure that you are not using any local or not suitable paint that can affect the quality of the raceways.

5. Are there raceways suitable for curved installations?

Ans: As observed, certain cable raceways include extra accessories like T-shape and L-shape connectors for inside bends. These additions facilitate simple installation along curved walls. If dealing with gentle curves, opt for flexible raceways that can conform to the curve for straightforward installation.


Here we conclude our discussion, having explored various aspects of cable raceways. These raceways offer an effective solution for managing and organizing TV cables that run openly through walls. Utilizing raceways is a recommended practice to ensure the safety of your children and pets, guarding against potential dangers arising from loose connections or cable cuts. Recognizing the significance of cable raceways, this article has compiled a list of the top 7 options for your wall-mounted TV and cord-hiding needs.

The ranking of these cable raceways is based on crucial factors such as their cable-hiding capacity, section length, overall cable coverage, installation type compatibility, and the materials used in their construction. Specific reviews are available for each, allowing you to select the best raceway that meets all your requirements.

  • If premium quality is your primary consideration, YECAYE Cable Raceway offers six sections of cable raceways, each measuring 15.7 inches. These raceways employ a J-channel design, facilitating easy insertion and removal of cables while providing ample spacing. Notably, this product can adeptly conceal 10 power cables or 16 Ethernet cables, showcasing a significantly larger capacity than other options. YECAYE also boasts a stylish appearance, making it a standout choice in the market.

  • However, if affordability is your priority, Delamu Cable Raceway takes the lead as the top choice for cable raceways. Its selection is justified by its larger capacity, efficiently organizing cables within the 15.7-inch width of the raceways, accommodating 6 to 8 cables in one suite.

  • An enduring favorite among users is EVEVO Cable Raceway, offering the longest length in the segment at 306 inches. These raceways can effectively organize 3 to 4 cables in one place without compromising performance. EVEVO ensures longevity and durability by constructing its raceways from Polyvinyl Chloride material. Additionally, the package includes accessories, such as T-shaped fittings, elbow cables for corners, and couplings for joining sections, facilitating easy installation. Overall, EVEVO presents a perfect solution for concealing TV cords with 3 to 4 cables, making it a superior option.

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