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Discover Continental’s CrossContact H/T Tyre Range for SUVs & Crossovers Leave a comment

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Continental has unveiled India’s latest offering, the CrossContact H/T (H/T stands for Highway/Terrain). Crafted specifically for the country’s diverse driving conditions, this tyre boasts a robust and durable design for both on- and off-road adventures.
Manufactured at the ModiPuram facility, the CrossContact H/T is custom-made to tackle India’s varied road surfaces. This versatile tyre range accommodates rim sizes spanning from 15 to 18 inches in diameter. While select variants are currently accessible in India, the entire portfolio is slated to hit the market in the upcoming months.
Expressing enthusiasm about the launch, Samir Gupta, Managing Director of Continental Tires India and Head of Central Region BA RE APAC, remarked, “Introducing the CrossContact H/T in India is a moment of excitement for us. This product, with its adaptable pattern, minimal road noise, and enhanced tread longevity, impeccably caters to the demands of Indian drivers, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey across the diverse terrains in India.”
The newly introduced CrossContact H/T comes with a multi-purpose tread pattern adept at handling the everyday challenges encountered by passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs, be it on the asphalt or beyond. Additionally, its tread, rubber compound, and structure are engineered to withstand mild off-road terrains effortlessly.
For improved traction on gravelly surfaces and uneven paths, engineers have incorporated “grip teeth” – small projections within the tread grooves – enhancing grip on non-asphalt tracks. Moreover, the robust shoulders of the tyre are designed to resist damage from stones and debris.
Continental highlights that its unique tread design significantly reduces both internal and external noise levels by approximately 10 per cent compared to its forerunner. This noise reduction contributes to a more comfortable ride for occupants, especially during extended journeys.


Benefits Of Using CrossContact H/T Tyre

Robust Durability: The CrossContact H/T is constructed with durable materials to withstand everyday driving demands and light off-road use.
Smooth And Comfortable Ride: The tyre’s optimised tread design and construction ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, reducing road noise and vibration.
Reliable Performance: Continental’s reputation for quality and innovation ensures that the CrossContact H/T delivers consistent performance and reliability across various driving scenarios.
Continental’s commitment to providing tyres tailored to Indian road conditions reflects its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of drivers across the country. The company’s emphasis on noise reduction and durability aligns with the growing demand for comfortable and reliable tyres for Indian vehicles.
The latest Continental CrossContact H/T is a versatile and well-rounded tyre option for SUV and crossover owners seeking a balance of on-road and off-road performance. Its combination of enhanced traction, reduced noise, improved fuel efficiency, and M+S certification makes it suitable for various driving conditions and terrains. Whether commuting on paved roads, exploring gravel trails, or venturing into light snow, the CrossContact H/T provides a confident and comfortable driving experience.

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